Wednesday, October 15, 2008

my little expedition

So it's been a little while since i've posted anything. originally i wanted to post something every week but that obviously has yet to happen. maybe soon it will :) that's not exactly the point of the tittle but i guess it kind of goes along fairly well. What I'm about to tell you didn't seem related to me at first but when i started thinking about it more it fit together like a puzzle. let me get to the point.

i just got 2 new jobs. one is at a daycare working in with 4 year olds. the other is at the music and movie store FYE. i worked there for a year before i moved to edmond, and since the location was in Moore or OKC or wherever that is i obviously couldn't afford to drive down and pay rent and bills and blah blah blah. so anyways, i got a job at the NorthWest Expressway location. the 2nd day i worked, i was looking through tons of used cds. amongst them were a few Bob Dylan cds that i don't own yet and i saw the song "Meet Me in the Morning." which i had stuck in my head earlier that week and i thought "hey! i should buy that cd! i really like that song." but somehow i lost it in the shuffle of all the other cds i was working with. i searched for hours trying to find that cd so i could buy it. finally, towards the end of the night, i found it! and low and behold, it was blood on the tracks. i freaking have that cd! how awful is it that i don't even know which songs i have on a cd i've owned for months.

then later on in the week, i'm driving home listening to my ipod on shuffle (the greatest thing to ever happen to music in my opinion) and a song i'd never heard before came on. yet again, it was on a cd i've had for who knows how long! so then and there i decided i would take upon myself a little expedition.

i am going to listen to all of the albums on my ipod fully. from start to finish. some of the albums i just have the two or three songs i know, so i'm going to either put the rest of the album on there, or listen to the rest of the songs i apperently had no idea existed. i'm starting with the A's and i'm in the middle of the B's i think. so far most of the albums i've heard a million times through, but there has been a few that i've had since about a year that i've yet to hear all the way through. how ridiculus is that? i feel ashamed that i call myself a music lover and don't even listen to my cds! haha. i'm thinking this should take at least a month or so, if i'm diligent (which i'm not normally, but this means a little bit more to me than most things) hopefully i'll remember to keep you updated ;)