Friday, April 30, 2010

super shuffle

ok, back to our regular programing-music! sorry about the exposition, hopefully its wasn't as bad as that clip we keep watching in my creative writing class, but it seemed necessary. anyways, i've wanted to write about this for a really long time, so here we go.
i believe the greatest thing about my Ipod (other than capacity) is shuffle. i realize that shuffle is nothing new, but that's the beauty of shuffle, its different every time. i started to really use shuffle when i didn't know what i wanted to listen to, but my Ipod sure seemed to know exactly what i wanted. its almost creepy that it knows so well, but every time it plays that one song after another favorite song after another favorite song, i'm sure i look something like a little kid in a candy store with thousands of dollars to spend on whatever they want. i dance, sing at the top of my lungs, and sometimes speed excessively and get pulled over (that's happened twice now, oops!) the best thing that shuffle can do other than read my mind is pull up songs i've completely forgotten about, or even never heard before that are simply fantastic. i would never have picked that artist or song on my own, yet my lovely shuffle did. i often feel slightly ashamed when an amazing song comes on and i had no idea it even existed inside my music library, yet i am still grateful every time. i wish my CD player or even our turntables could preform this function, but they are both sadly limited in this department, but that's why i love them in a different way. so if you're bored with your music, all you have to do is shuffle ;)

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