Tuesday, May 4, 2010

this week's end

so i had a pretty busy weekend! friday after class, my lovely honorary mom took my sister and i out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. i had never been, and i love cheesecake and spending time with my sister and Tina, so it was beyond awesome. the food was great, the cheesecake was great, the company was great. and i had leftovers! after we ate our cheesecake, Kristie and I went to one of my new favorite stores, Half Price Books. i've tried my best to just stay in the book department, since i can do enough damage just in that small section. kristie, however, found all sorts of things i didn't know existed in that store. it is fantastic. then we went to a friend's house for the first official cookout of the summer! they should have had their baby girl by now come to think of it! woohoo!
so that leads us to saturday naturally. i met my professor, Dr. Warren, my editing prof. we went over another few pages i've written for my novel. he wants me to have three chapters, an overview, and title page ready for wednesday so he can have it ready to ship off to agents! we'll see how it goes, but i'm still excited that i even have three chapters to go off of. its going really well and i still have a lot of material to work on. hopefully i'll be able to get a lot done this summer.
after my meeting, i met mom and Kristie at Sooner Fashion mall so Kristie could apply for some jobs and we did a little bit of shopping. kristie of course found great things for super cheap, the lucky duck! hopefully she'll be able to find a summer job too.
after the mall, krisite, clayton and i headed to Diamond Ballroom to watch the Circa Survive and Coheed and Cambria show! both bands were really great, there was another band before Circa, but i have no idea what their name was and i didn't really get into their music. there seemed to be a few people who knew who they were, tho, so that was nice.
i loved Circa, but i really didn't like the set up they had to play in. diamond ballroom has a ton of space but a tiny tiny stage. its not far off the floor, so i could barely see anything in the first place, and it was so small that Anthony Green, the frontman for Circa, actually made a comment about his surprise of not falling off. he did fall, but not off the stage. he seemed to have hurt himself pretty bad, so i think Diamond should seriously consider a different stage set up. we paid way too much money in the first place. Diamond has a gravel lot, a tiny stage, and bathrooms that my husband won't even use. i think some serious renovations would be well worth it. it could really be a decent venue if it did, at least in my opinion, for whatever that's worth. coheed was great too, but i was pretty worn out for some reason, and so was clayton, so we left before their set was over.
sunday was yet another adventure. i sure hope this isn't boring anyone to death yet! we slept in and sadly didn't make it to church. clayton got 8 redhawks tickets for the 7:05 game so we all went to bricktown to eat and catch the game. we just grabbed something quick at McDonalds and drove over to the lot a few minutes early. that's when we noticed the crowds. we thought it was odd that they were leaving the stadium rather than entering it, so clayton checked our tickets. they had 7:05 written on the envelope outside, but the tickets actually said 4:05. needless to say, it was the bottom of the 9th and there was no point of going in. so we went on a canal ride instead and got maggie moo's ice cream. so even tho we missed the game, i think it still turned out pretty okay.
i'm almost caught up, and usually my life isn't really this eventful, but for some reason it has been lately. maybe it always is and i just fail to notice. monday i got to sleep in for the first time in i don't know how long, well other than sunday, but still. i had lunch with clayton and then i went to get a haircut finally! it turned out really nice, i like it a lot! it was definitely time for one. i finished reading Water For Elephants, which we will be discussing in our book club next week! can't wait! it was really great and i think it will be easy to talk about and fun. we had dinner and watched tv or something along those lines when clayton got home. afterwards was when all of the excitement began.
clayton and i decided to go for a bike ride to pick up some toilet paper of all things. i have a basket on my bike, so i got the privilege of carrying some of it home for all the world to see. clayton had the remainders in a plastic bag but he had to carry it with him on his bike. we were almost home when i noticed up ahead the curb had a steep drop off ramp onto the street. a tree with many low hanging branches was right before it. i worried that clayton wouldn't be able to slow down enough and would get hurt. apparently he made it through just fine, i didn't see. i ducked as low as i could on my bike and panicked. instead of grabbing my break, i froze and yelped something at clayton to warn him that i was going to hit him. hit him i did, right in his back tire. as i was falling, i almost laughed, thinking this could be pretty funny. then i hit the ground, my bike coming down on top of me. my shoe ended up ahead of me, entangled on Clayton's bike tire somehow. i was half on the ground and half way still on my bike if i remember correctly. my foot seemed to already be turning blue and my ribs hurt so bad i just wanted to lay on the ground. i got up and we continued on the short journey back home. i put ice on my foot for the rest of the night, and when i changed out of my jeans, i noticed a few scrapes. i thought the worst could be my foot, since i would be working on my feet all today, so i payed extra attention to it. my bike is in pretty okay shape, especially since its a vintage. Clayton noticed i broke a spoke and the Schwinn emblem on the front scuffed up. i think he fixed the basket a little too. other than that, i think its fine. this morning my foot was a little tender, but it was nothing compared to my left leg. i have a huge scrape and the biggest darkest bruise i've ever had in my entire life. its kinda cool, but its stiff when i walk. my shoulders are pretty sore today too, but other than that im pretty more than fine. i even worked a longer shift than i thought i would, so that seems to be a good sign. hopefully it won't be worse tomorrow. my first final is that day, but not til 1 so i plan on sleeping in again (fantastic!). i love this finals week! but i won't get into that. this is an epic post, sorry if i bored you to death!

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