Wednesday, May 5, 2010

finals finale

i am surprised to say that i'm going to be really sad this semester is almost over. it seems like it just started and now all of a sudden its coming to an end and it sure seemed to sneak up on me. but on the other hand i feel like it's been a long semester. i've gotten to know a lot of people that i will miss over the summer, and found some new favorite professors. i was really surprised by how much i enjoyed my classes and the people in them. i was lucky enough to take a lot of the same professors next semester, and i was glad about that for sure. but i realized today and this week that all of the people in my classes are not going to be taking the same class or professors with me next fall and it made me sad. maybe its just because its may and i'm starting to hear and see everyone leave. i just get sentimental i guess. i'm not very good with change either (unless its my major).
i had my last Hemingway class today and my last editing and marketing class. i went over what i wrote for my research paper for Hemingway. she really encouraged us to revise our papers and submit them for symposiums or publications, so i might check into doing that. i know my paper could use some revisions since i wrote it so last minute. i'm going to edit it and add to it and email it to her, she's going to make a copy of everyone's and add them all up for a book like she did for our short stories. everyone wrote about really interesting topics, and everyone had a different outlook on similar topics, and new approaches i had never thought of, so i think it would be really interesting and educational to read over them. i was really really really sad to see that class leave. she gave me a hug tho, so that made it better haha!
we had our last editing and marketing class today too. we had a pizza party which was awesome and made me feel like i was in elementary school again. he even brought a former student in to perform his new opera for us. it was amazing. ive never heard an opera like this one, so it was very interesting for sure. it was nice to get to talk to everyone in the class too. i was very surprised how close i became with them and they all seemed to care a lot about my project and really believe in it, which was super encouraging. its going really well and easily so hopefully that will keep up and i can send off some great material. he still really wants to push it as a TV show which is exciting and awesome. its so amazing to think that i enrolled in this class as a whim and how dramatic an impact its made on my life. i hadn't written in years, and when i had, no one other than my wonderful mother found it decent in any shape or form. now i have a professor pushing to get my work published and maybe even adapted into a show. that alone means a lot to me. i'm going to keep working on it this summer and meet with him two or three times to edit it and such. i think he's going to send it off in a few weeks just to see if anyone is interested. i think he said in class today that he had someone who already really liked the idea and wanted to see some material so we'll see how that goes. its almost astonishing to me that this is happening to me and i couldn't be more pleased or excited.
my Hemingway class has really opened a lot of different perspectives to me too. i look at things differently now. and i love his work more than ever, even though he never ever gives me a happy ending that i always still try to find no matter what. i think its ironic that i like his novels and short stories so much. he never really tells you exactly whats going on, and i always like to have as much information as possible. and of course i love happy endings, but i'm always amazed at how perfect his endings are. i think i bore a lot of my friends to death when i talk about Hemingway. i have Clayton convinced i should be a literature professor, which would be an awesome job, but i think i've already been in school long enough...maybe ;). he also thought i should be a zoo keeper. maybe the two are related someway, who knows.
so i'm happy and sad and that just about sums it up :) i definitely have a intriguing summer laying ahead of me, and probably an even more intriguing fall semester a head of that. i look forward to it for sure

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Mixtape Jones said...

I am excited for you. Can't wait to read your book.