Thursday, May 6, 2010

sleeping beauty

for some reason, all week i've tried to be productive-wake up early and get things done. but every time i've tried, i wake up at ten instead. normally this wouldn't be too much of a worry, but my Shakespeare final is tomorrow at 9. since i live in Norman, i have to leave at least 45 minutes before class to get there on time. i have never in my life been a morning person, you can ask anyone who has seen me before 10 am. so i'm a little worried needless to say. not only am i worried about getting there on time, i'm worried about my grade. i have no idea what grade i have going into the final, and i don't think my professor likes me in the least. this is the only class i'm worried i won't get an A in. i'm almost worried i won't pass at all. so we'll see. maybe she'll surprise me, or i'll surprise her, or surprise myself. it would be really great to raise my GPA significantly as well.this semester has been truly great. i hope the next one is equally as great or maybe even better. and i hope i can make it to my final on time! as well as finish everything else i have to finish on time. fingers crossed!

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