Friday, May 7, 2010

oh dear lord!

i'm finally finished! i still didn't get everything done that i wanted to, or to the extend i wanted, but i'm done. no more! now i'm just waiting for clayton to get home so we can actually spend a few minutes together, but not too long since i have to wake up at the freaking crack of dawn to "celebrate" the beginning of my summer. woo. i feel pretty bad because he is super sweet and had a ton of surprises lined up for me when i got home, but i just had to do more homework since i didn't get hardly anything done today. i worked so hard too, it doesn't make any sense! he's so sweet and i feel terrible. maybe tomorrow will make up for it. or the diet coke and candy i brought home. more likely tomorrow would help ;).
i almost have no idea what to do since i won't have homework anymore. i think i go through this shock after every semester, yet i adjust much more quickly than i imagine i will, of course. i'm hoping to get a lot of reading done this summer, and i would also love to finally learn how to play my guitar after all these years. i've said that before tho, so we'll see. i'm going to try and be a better housewife/wife as well. clayton has taken up most of the cooking and cleaning responsibilities sadly, so i really want to make it up to him. he's been so patient and understanding through these past semesters since we've been together. hopefully i can live up to my own expectations and exceed his.
well this is all for now. lets hope i did as well as i thought i would this time last week. fin <3

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