Friday, May 7, 2010

done but not done

just finished my last final about an hour ago! i can't believe this semester is over. but then again, its not yet. i still have two papers to write, two sets of study questions to turn in, and a script to revise. (hooray! or not). oh well. some of it will be fairly easy, but some of it i have no idea what to do. my play was too long and it had a lot of unnecessary small talk. having never written a play before, i have little to no idea how to change it. i've been thinking about it since i wrote it, so maybe inspiration will strike and ill be more than fine.
on the bright side tho, i just got back my Shakespeare research paper i wrote, and i got an unexpected A+!! i couldn't believe it! hopefully that will keep my grade high enough to pass. i have a feeling i did terrible on the final, but i think the essay could save me. maybe.
now i'm in the Edmond Public Library trying to tie up all these loose ends and finish off the semester in the best way possible. i think this could be the first semester in which i actually have good grades! lol. kristie has put me to shame ever since she started, but she knew what she wanted to do and she's good at it. i had no idea what i wanted and i apparently sucked at everything i tried, or at least didn't do great. so its nice to see that change for once. she's already out of class and officially started summer. tonight will be the start of mine. and i think it will be a good start.
we have mother's day bunko tonight at the church. i haven't played bunko in awhile, but i'm really excited. it's going to be a really great time for sure. then clayton said we're going to do something to celebrate after i get home, but its a surprise so i have no idea what it will be. he always has really great surprises, and i know he can't wait for me to be finished with all the homework and late classes, so i think he's more excited than i am.
the only sucky part about the beginning of my summer is my work schedule this weekend. we have a store meeting at 8 am-9am, then i have to come back at 4 and work til 10. then its sunday and mothers day, but i have to work at 4 again. i usually get lucky and don't have to work sundays, and i haven't for an extremely long time, so i'm not too upset. it would have been nice to spend all day with my mom, but we have tonight, and i'm sure we will figure out something for sunday afternoon.
next weekend will be awesome tho! we have the bookclub and a cookout on saturday! cant wait, it will be awesome!
well now that this is super long, i'm going to get started on all the other work i have to do. i'm so surprised that every time i sit down to write one of these things i have no idea what i'm going to say and then it ends up being epic? how does that happen? hope you aren't bored out of your mind! <3

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